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Eating Well in Portland on a Student’s Budget

Nick over at Extra MSG mentioned this PSU article today and I had to add my two cents worth.

In it, the student relied on the sage on-the-cheap foodie advice ‘if you can’t eat there for dinner, eat there at lunch’ (he missed the happy hour 411 for students of an older age – of which there are many at PSU).

Anyway, as Nick politely pointed out – and I am not-as-nicely mentioning – the author had one astounding error that undercut all of his credibility:

Two of my favorite lunchtime spots are Wildwood and Paley’s Place, both priced firmly outside of my price range at night. However, I can afford to eat at these places once or twice a month at lunch.

While I disagree with his recommendation of Wildwood, I would heartily side with the mention of Paley’s Place…if only they served lunch.

As a former journalism student and a blogger, I can understand the occasional dissemination of incorrect information. However, claiming that Paley’s was one of his favorite lunch spots – and implying he ate there once a month – is just a flat out lie! It’s disappointing and very misleading.

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