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Family vacation in Oregon

Oregon is one of those US states just perfect for a family vacation. There are many museums and attractions which kids love so family travel in Oregon can actually be fun.

Where to start the planning? With the flights to Portland , of course. It might not be the capital of the state, but Portland is the largest city in Oregon and gets a lot of cheap flights from various US cities.

Next, it’s time to plan your itinerary. You can visit Portland Children’s Museum and then drive to Salem. Some of the things to do in Salem include exploring the parks and learning about the local history. And yes, there’s a children’s museum in Salem as well (called A.C. Gilbert House).

You can also visit the High Desert Museum in Bend or the Lincoln City Glass Center. Plus, there are a variety of sports you can practice as a family. Hiking is a good idea as there are easy trails which can be tackled by kids.

Once you know the itinerary, it’s time to book the accommodation as well. And make sure to rent a car. It’s cheap and fun to fly into Portland and then drive to the other cities, stopping along the way to take photos and enjoy the nature.

Family vacations can turn into nightmares if not planned correctly. Don’t tire the kids too much. They’ll be cranky and that’s pretty much the end of fun and joy. They set the step and determine how many locations you can visit during a day. And when they get bored, make sure to find something to keep them engaged.

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