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Find Cheap Flights to and from Portland

When you’re hunting for the cheapest airfare out of Portland International Airport, you may be tempted to spend lots of your precious time searching every airfare booking site you can find. You’re hoping for that magical and elusive rock-bottom price on an airline ticket, the one no one else can find, that’s hiding on one of those sites that never gets used… That random hunting and hoping could get you a great fare, but more than likely all you’ll find are the same fares over and over again. So, how do you know which sites offer the best prices? Well, the folks at BootsnAll have tested the top airfare booking sites to find just that.

Roger at BootsnAll tested seven different airfare booking sites to find out which airfare site is the cheapest, and some of what he found made perfect sense. Some of the results, however, were pretty interesting – and surprising – including which site offered the cheapest fares. No, I’m not going to tell you here, you’ve got to go read the article to find out! And then, the next time you’re looking for cheap flights to or from Portland, you’ll know exactly where to look.