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Gifts for Travelers: Rock Climbing Gear

Everyone has people in their life for whom it’s a challenge to buy gifts. It could be because they’re picky and prefer to choose their own color or size of whatever you bought, or it could be because you don’t know them well enough to get anything more personal than a boring gift card.

One category that can be particularly difficult to buy gifts for is people who love to travel. There are so many types of travelers that you may not know what travel gear is most suited to them – and many travelers like to live and travel so simply that they don’t want or need a bunch of extra “stuff” anyway. But buying gifts for travelers doesn’t have to be frustrating or limiting, especially if you think outside the box a bit.

If any of the travelers on your gift-giving list are outdoorsy and adventurous types, you might consider introducing them to the wonderful world of rock climbing. Like any sport or activity, rock climbing can be expensive with the amount of gear that’s sometimes required – but if you get someone started with rock climbing shoes for beginners that’s a huge help. Not only that, a good pair of rock climbing shoes tucked into a person’s bag don’t take up much space, and it’s an activity that’s enjoyed around the world.

Anyone who’s in Portland – whether they’re into rock climbing or not – knows that Portland is a hotbed for climbing gyms and climbing enthusiasts. There are world-class bouldering gyms right in the city center, and it’s a relatively short drive into Central Oregon to get to Smith Rock and some of the finest rock climbing in the country. So if you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant than just a pair of rock climbing shoes, get the traveler/climber in your life a ticket to Portland. There aren’t always super-cheap deals to Portland, but if you plan ahead and time a trip well you can score a great fare.

One of the best things about getting someone hooked on a new activity is that it becomes automatically easier to buy things for them in the future. If the rock climbing thing catches on, you’ll have a long list of excellent gift ideas from now until the next favorite thing to do takes over.

photo by mariachily