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Oregon Duck Beats Up Houston Cougar, Kind Of

Generally speaking, I’m an Oregon State University fan. I grew up in Corvallis, so even though I didn’t go to OSU I still have an affinity for the Beavers. That is, however, unless the Oregon Ducks are playing someone other than OSU. In that case, I’m all for the U of O. Especially when it’s the Duck mascot we’re talking about here.

The University of Oregon mascot – a duck – recently got in a bit of hot water because he pummeled the hell out of the Houston mascot – a cougar – at a football game. Apparently our feathered friend was upset that the cougar had stolen his trademark move (doing push-ups in the amount of the score after each touchdown), and decided to strike. The duck actually received a one-game suspension as a result. Aside from the obvious, that only in bizarre-o mascot-land could a duck ever hope of beating the crap out of a cougar, I have to agree with the commentator on this ESPN video who thinks that the Houston Cougar should have been suspended for not fighting back:

And seriously, is the whole duck-crotch-in-cougar-face really the most egregious thing here? It’s not that people all over the world are finding two adults dressed as animals engaged in a fist (paw? wing?) fight so damned entertaining? Perhaps that’s more social commentary than I care to get into on a Friday.