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Portland in October

Fall in Portland can be a bit bittersweet for locals. There’s always a chance of good weather, but October is the beginning of our return to the rainy season. It’s not all grey skies though, October is still a great time to be in the city as we begin to spend more time indoors, drink a bit more coffee, and exercise our creativity. Yeah, there’s probably something to all the creativity that comes out of the rainy Pacific Northwest.


Temperatures in October can range fairly wide, with average highs in the mid 60s and lows in the mid 40s, as we re-welcome the rain. Although Portland typically experiences a fairly dry autumn (dry compared to our winter & spring, not dry compared to other parts of the country, silly.).

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September 30-October 2: Portland Greek Festival Celebrate Greek culture, food, and dance.

October 5-9: Portland Fashion Week

October 6-9: Wordstock Book Festival

October 14: Shine A Light – Your annual chance to see what the Portland Art Museum looks like when the PSU Art program take over.

October 14-23: Apple Tasting Festival at Portland Nursery

October 20-23: Portland Cocktail Week – Portland’s 2nd annual excuse to drink and celebrate all things mixology.

October 22-23: Great American Distillers Festival -A gathering of small distillers from across the country who come to Oregon to share their products, their passion and their expertise in handcrafting spirits. Tastings, seminars etc.

October 30: Zombie Walk – Yep, you guessed. Zombies walk across Portland.


Embrace fall in Portland by enjoying an extra cup of coffee, taking a crisp walk through Forest Park, and tasting some seasonal brews at Portland breweries. Or see how many items you can cross off our list of 87 Reasons to Love Fall in Portland.

What’s your favorite thing to do in October?

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