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Road Trip: Portland to Seattle

If Portland seems a bit too small and you’re in need of a weekend getaway, Seattle is a popular destination. It’s accessible, easy to plan and full of places to explore. Here’s everything you need for a last minute trip.

Getting There:
By Air: Horizon’s air service will get you there and back for around $100, depending on when you book.
By Bus: For approximately $30 each way and 3:15-4:05 hours, you can get yourself to Seattle by Greyhound.
By Train: Amtrak runs the distance of Portland-Seattle in either 3:30 or 4:25, at the cost of $25-$40, each way.
By Car: The coffee capital of the Pacific Northwest is 180 miles north of P-town and takes about 3 hours by car. There is always traffic (at least during the hours normal humans are awake), so plan accordingly. I-5 is a straight shot up through Stumptown and into downtown Seattle. I-205 will let you bypass Portland; I-405 will let you skip the heart of Seattle.

One You Arrive:
Accommodations: Seattle hostels are popular with travelers. They’re inexpensive, relatively clean and well kept. The Green Tortoise Hostel is the most famous hostel in Seattle WA and offer a variety of tours.
Food: Seattle is famous for a few things: Microsoft, Starbucks and seafood. Two of these things make your tummy happy, so you better check out the offerings. The original Starbucks is a popular photo op.
Attractions: Surrounding the space needle are a number of cool things including the Experience Music Project. The Pike Place Market with the flying fish is also not to be missed.

Other tips:
Just because the town is known for seafood doesn’t mean that every restaurant is a superstar. Ask around before you make reservations.
Nightlife can always be found under the aquaducts – unfortunately, not all of it is good. Walking around this area alone at night is not recommended.
Seattle is famous for its rain, but most of it doesn’t require an umbrella. It does, however, require a good rain jacket.