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Romantic Valentine’s Day: Hawaii

valentines-heartValentine’s Day is just three weeks away and probably most of you have already made plans. However, there are a lot of you who probably aren’t the romantic type or who needed a bit of time to think whether they want to plan something special for their sweetheart.

At this time of the year when all we want to do is crawl in bed with a cup of hot chocolate daydreaming about our sweetheart, lost loves or how to win someone’s heart, the idea of jumping in a plane and heading to Hawaii is really appealing. The warm weather, sexy beaches, exotic food and romance makes anyone’s heart beat like crazy.

As for the budgeting part, don’t worry as you won’t need to break a bank to make this vacation possible. Cheap tickets to Hawaii are still quite easy to find. Typically, the cheapest tickets can be found two to four weeks before leaving, so you are very luck to plan now. A round-trip ticket to Honolulu starts at $554 per person (depart Feb 12; return Feb 15).

Hawaii, in general, is not a very cheap destination and visiting the islands right in the middle of the high season surely doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easier to save money. But there is always something available for most budgets. Cheap hotels in Honolulu might even have some discounts available if you book on the spur of the moment. You can find rooms starting at $64 per night, at a hotel located less than three blocks from Waikiki Beach. And it is a good choice for a romantic getaway. You can enjoy some sexy time at the pool and sip exotic cocktails from the pool bar.

Maui is another interesting choice for a romantic getaway, especially for those who enjoy spending more time in nature. There are a lot of beautiful places to check out and many romantic activities to try. As for hotels in Maui , they are just as expensive as everywhere in Hawaii. Expect to pay at least $84 per night (discounted rate) in a hotel which is located rather far from the beach.

Other romantic ideas include choosing among the many cruises to Hawaii . Of course, you need to know whether your sweetheart is the type of person who enjoys such a vacation.

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