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Scream at the Beach

Name: Scream at the Beach
Date: Multiple days in February
Location: Jantzen Beach Supercenter
Contact information: www.screamatthebeach.com
Cost: $8 per individual haunted house, $20 for a pass to see all four
What is it: Haunted houses of horrors – all under one roof

Info: Ready for the house of horrors? During select days in October, scream to your heart’s content inside an old store-turned-haunted house in Jantzen Beach.

Worried about nightmares? Don’t fret my pet, the monsters can’t touch you…they can, however, drool, scream and wear masks so frighting that parents push their kids first through the darkened doors. It’s best to leave the little ones at home.

During an evening visit the weekend before Halloween, the wait time was 1.5 hours for one attraction – about 30 minutes too long for a haunted house 10 minutes too short.

Unless you’re a haunted house fanatic, ditch the temptation to pay an extra $12 bucks for three more attractions – one house is plenty, especially if you have extended wait times.