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The Press Club

Name: The Press Club
Location: 2621 SE Clinton Street
Portland, OR 97202
Contact information: 503.233.5656
Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday & Saturday 10 a.m.-12 a.m.
Insider tip: Single-serving French Press coffee for only $2

Review: More than just a coffee shop but not a full blown restaurant, The Press Club is best described as a coffee-shop-meets-wine-bar-creperie. The Press Club is located just 2 blocks off Division street, on the corner of hip Clinton Street at 26th Ave. With a good selection of wines, sandwiches and crepes and reliable, speedy WiFi makes The Press Club a great spot to get online and grab some food too. Their sandwiches and soup was awesome, and the $2 single French Press coffee was well worth it.

It’s fairly quiet, and usually not busy so you’ll get good service and be able to concentrate on your reading or working on your laptop if that’s what you’re there for. The interior design is modern and uncluttered, and the music is tasteful at just the right background level volume. If you’re looking for a roaring atmosphere, you might want to pick something else.

It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite haunts around town. Be sure to say hi to Kevin, one of the proprietors – usually behind the counter making sure the service is up to par.