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Warrant Issued for Parents of Stranded Oregon Family

Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at karma.
Head to the coast.
Get stranded.
Wait for more than two weeks, learn that people have stopped looking for you.
Set out to find help.
Get help, reunite with family.
Get busted for outstanding warrants in Arizona, for, what else? Meth.
As we like to say, Only in Oregon.

Arizona authorities have issued a warrant on drug-related charges for two of the six people rescued from a snowbound motor home this week, a newspaper reported Friday.

The Ashland Daily Tidings said the arrest warrant was issued after Arizona authorities saw TV coverage of the rescue of Elbert Higginbotham, his wife Becky, and the four others — Becky Higginbotham’s son, his wife and their two children.

From Warrant Issued for Parents of Stranded Oregon Family