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Why You Should Add Portland to Your RTW Trip Itinerary

Many travel lovers dream of just taking off on an extended trip around the world. For most, this is just a pipe dream. It’s something that they think is an impossibility unless they are nearing the retirement age. But we’re hear to tell you that it doesn’t have to be a dream. No matter what your situation, there is the possibility of going on your own extended, RTW trip. You just need the proper motivation and tools to make your RTW dreams a reality.

The key to making long-term travel real is making it your top priority. This is no different than any major life decision you may make. Funding a college education, buying a house, and even buying a car are honestly the same thing as traveling the world. When people decide to buy a house, they buckle down, they re-prioritize, they get on a tight budget, and they start saving. Going on a round the world trip is no different. How much money you will need for a RTW trip is different for everyone.

Once you realize that this is a possibility and it starts becoming real, then the fun begins – the planning. Where to go on a long-term trip is not an easy task to tackle. The world is a huge place, and there are plenty of great places to go. But lots of people bypass cities in the US, either because of the high cost or because you’re American and you figure that you can travel here any other time. While that is true, the best thing about going on an extended trip is the time you have. We have been wanting to go to the Pacific Northwest for years now, and we still haven’t made it there. Looking back, I wish now that we would have added a city like Portland to our RTW itinerary.

Adding in a place or two at home, to either the beginning or end of your trip, is something that all RTW travelers should at the very least contemplate. It can ease you into your trip by not providing culture shock and get you used to being on the road, or it can be a great place to re-adjust before ultimately going home. So if you are planning a trip around the world, consider starting or ending your trip at home. It could be just what the doctor ordered.

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