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Traveler’s Guide to Portland International Airport

Unless you’re driving to Portland for your trip, you will most likely arrive here via Portland International Airport (PDX). For some travelers, the airport is nothing but an entry and exit point, but for others, it can be a temporary office, a place to eat or sleep, and more. Here’s a quick and easy guide to getting the most out of your time at PDX.

Getting To/From the Airport
The cheapest and easiest way to get from PDX to the main part of the city is using Portland’s MAX Light Rail system. The MAX Red Line goes right into the airport lobby, and can get you downtown in just over a half hour, and it only costs $2.00 each way. A cab will run you about $30 and a hotel shuttle about $15.

Business Services
Portland International was voted the best airport in the US for business travelers three years in a row by Conde Nast Traveler magazine, and there are a few great reasons. Free wifi throughout the airport is a major plus, and even though this should be expected nationwide, a surprising number of airports still charge for wifi. An on-site conference center can accommodate up to 65 people, and a mailing center can take care of anything you may need shipped quickly.

Restaurants and Shops
The airport has a good variety of retail shops and restaurants, and one thing that separates them from some other airport shops is a law preventing any businesses in the airport from charging more than they do in their branches elsewhere. So at PDX, there’s no gauging of prices for the captive traveling audience, and that can make a big difference. One shop that’s definitely worth stopping at is Made in Oregon, which features arts, crafts and souvenirs from around the state.

Photo by bvalium on Flickr